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What is the meaning of lip in Hindi?

Meaning of lip in Hindi is : होंठे से लग्ना

Definition of word lip

Examples of word lip

  • Kaliňák was quick to attribute the minister's move to what he called LipÅ¡ic's personal antipathy towards Harabin.
  • OK, I have to askÂ… how did you come up with all those spicy fantasies used by Julia and the callers in Lip Service?
  • There was no fight left in Lip-lip, and he ran away shamelessly, his victim hot on his heels and worrying him all the way back to his own tepee.
  • There were several things Braun wanted to avoid in Lip Service, such as the characters being too "glossy", feeling the need to represent everyone, and showing characters struggling with coming out.
  • As it satnds, Will marion Cotillard try for an Oscar or a Cesar in Lip-synching category.