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What is the meaning of linger in Hindi?

Meaning of linger in Hindi is : सोच विचार करना

Definition of word linger

  • To stay or remain in a place or situation, especially as if unwilling to depart or not easily able to do so. (verb)
    किसी स्थान या स्थिति में रहना या रहना, विशेषकर मानो प्रस्थान करने को तैयार न हो या आसानी से ऐसा करने में सक्षम न हो।

Examples of word linger

  • He lets the word linger for a while and savors a mouthful of his drink.
  • While the ghosts of Hitler and Stalin linger in the city 's architectural bones, Berlin' s young generation has chosen to transform the past into something liberating.
  • And letting negative charges linger is always bad.
  • The shadow of a tree upon any house blesses it, weaving with its cool, hypnotic gestures a soothing quiet; but the place, of all human habitations, where it best loves to linger is a village street.
  • Europe, moreover, has long memories - and the memory that will linger from the Greek crisis is of a more or less isolated Germany now unwilling to fuel the European integration process in the way it once did.
  • It was more stressful than fun so I'll take my time and let some titles linger on a bit for those slow times that usually come afterwards.