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What is the meaning of lies in Hindi?

Meaning of lies in Hindi is :

Definition of word lies

  • Plural form of lie. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lie. (verb)
  • Great, wonderful (adjective)
    शानदार बेहतरीन

Examples of word lies

  • Of a carpet or any inanimate subject we should say, "It lies on the floor," "A knife _lies_ on the table," not _lays_.
  • Yet some ill natured skeptics have construed this to mean that all will tell lies sometimes, for -- as they accent it, even "Truth _lies_, at the bottom of a well!"
  • On the whole, no man ought, for any cause, to speak lies, or have anything to do with _lies; _ but either hold his tongue, or speak a bit of the truth: that is the meaning of a _tongue, _ people used to know!
  • ***don't forget to point out the smearing lies the lying smearers are smearing with all their lies***
  • Different people may have equally no doubt as to what “gay marriage” means, but different opinions on where the term lies on this continuum.
  • The best way for pathalogical liers to not get caught in lies is to not say anything at all.
  • Meanwhile, the originator of the phrase "Liberal Fascism" was H.G. Wells, and his conception of the term lies at the very heart of my book's argument.
  • The real meat of the title lies in its elements of combat and questing.