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What is the meaning of libidinal in Hindi?

Meaning of libidinal in Hindi is :

Definition of word libidinal

  • Relating or pertaining to the libido. (adjective)

Examples of word libidinal

  • The political dimension of the text is thus articulated in libidinal language; in Equiano's abolitionist intervention, his life story, the political is personal.
  • Thus, both groups of youth can assume an antiestablishment posture, reject the regimented life of work and conformity, prefer immediate pleasure to the notion of future security, and thereby, assume a life style characterized by libidinal, passive-aggressive gratification.
  • Though partly a parody of pretentious post-show "talk-backs," one senses a sincerity in Gillette's weariness with the "libidinal" aesthetic Dyer advocates.
  • There is a central question that provides a guiding thread through François Cusset's far ranging and intellectually challenging investigation into the reception of "French Theory" in the United States: how is it that "around the beginning of the 1980s, right when the works of Foucault, Deleuze, Lyotard, and Derrida were being put to work on American campuses and in some alternative communities as the theoretical foundation for a new type of politics, those very names were being demonized in France as the epitome of an outdated 'libidinal' and leftist type of politics"?
  • German settlers were similarly split over “primitive” and libidinal dancing.
  • Instead, he's turned to studies in space, volume and illusion, with paintings whose libidinal charge throbs in trompe l'oeil views of fabric folds, razor slits, holes and intrusive wooden flutes.
  • There's the tireless dissector of reality TV culture, video artist Gillian Wearing; king of libidinal bodily performance art Matthew Barney; and Tom Burr, an artist with a gift for drawing out the latent sex appeal of art, buildings and fashion.
  • It's the force that propels well-behaved little Philip Roth from the comfy suburban confines of "Goodbye, Columbus" to the libidinal jungle of "Portnoy's Complaint."