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What is the meaning of levied in Hindi?

Meaning of levied in Hindi is : उद्ग्रहित

Definition of word levied

  • Simple past tense and past participle of levy. (verb)

Examples of word levied

  • “Responsibility” is the code word levied at us which negates the fact that whiteness still very much controls discourse.
  • Makower drills down into consumers 'complex (and often hypocritical) attitudes on buying green, and the dangers of "greenwashing," a term levied on companies viewed as disingenuous in creating a green image.
  • Money, in other words, that is levied from the states and then doled back out again by the federal government, if you do things the way the feds want you to do them.
  • And when we're in the verticalish region of the supply curve, any sales tax levied is almost entirely paid by the seller.
  • Sea Island cotton -- distinct from inland cotton -- was grown in levied plots at the shore, flushed of salt ingeniously by diked fresh water creeks.


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