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What is the meaning of lethargy in Hindi?

Meaning of lethargy in Hindi is : सुस्ती

Definition of word lethargy

Examples of word lethargy

  • Aspiration of aliphatic hydrocarbons may result in lethargy, tremors, and, rarely, convulsions or coma.
  • The main reason for the dollar's lethargy is seen as the weakening U.S. economy and expectations the U.S.
  • There you’ll find that the word for truth is aletheia, from which in English we get the word lethargy.
  • Malaise is defined as: “a general feeling of worry, discontent, or dissatisfaction, often resulting in lethargy.”
  • This is not lethargy, which is a heaviness and unserviceability of mind and body from dullness and which can occur even when attending to an external object.
  • Condemning what the UDPS termed the lethargy of the United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in the conflict, and the "delays and excuses of the belligerents," the UDPS noted "with concern inflammatory and warlike statements that reduce the chances of peace."
  • The only thing that can arouse the inhabitants out of their lethargy is the prospect of a drink at somebody else's expense.
  • And until the people can be got up from the lethargy, which is an awful symptom of the advanced state of their disease, I know of nothing that can be done beyond keeping their wrongs continually before them.