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What is the meaning of lemongrass in Hindi?

Meaning of lemongrass in Hindi is :

Definition of word lemongrass

  • One of various species of grass of the genus Cymbopogon, which have a lemon-like taste and aroma, and are used as herbs. (noun)

Examples of word lemongrass

  • (Unveiled over croissants: two front-loaders in lemongrass and blackberry and one top-loader in ginger.)
  • I look for products that contain lemongrass oil and geraniol, these work quite well without that skincrawling feeling I get from Deet.
  • I don’t think so – I think that rigidly stating that the only truly authentic hot and sour soup in the world has duck blood in it and certainly not lemongrass is promoting food snobbery and is ultimately detrimental to the understanding that cuisines develop and grow over time.
  • One tempting new one is the combination of Esan sausage and sticky rice called lemongrass pork sausage on this menu.
  • The latest, a yellow-green hue called lemongrass, was inspired by Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day outfit.


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