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What is the meaning of legs in Hindi?

Meaning of legs in Hindi is :

Definition of word legs

  • Plural form of leg. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of leg. (verb)

Examples of word legs

    • A baby’s legs often bend outward (‘bow legs’), like this.
    • By this logic, identical twins are one person (soul-wise), genetic chimaeras are two people, and a set of siamese twins with one head and four legs is the same number of people as a set of siamese twins with two heads and two legs, which is pretty counterintuitive.
    • Actually the official definition of the term legs is how long a movie lasts in the theatres.
    • It was so great to get up close and see the difference in their faces and poses, and understand, finally, not only how the pivot at their waists were so beautifully disguised, but to have the mechanism explained: inside their legs is a rod which turns each of them; if you look at the main clock mechanism (above) you will see a large wheel with notches in it.
    • Kolaches: Anyone that makes the trip between Dallas and Austin knows the best place to fill up the tank and stretch your legs is the small town of West.
    • He proceeds on the principle that if you insist loudly enough that the broomstick between your legs is a pony, eventually the thing will whinny and gallop.
    • Those infamous English will not permit us to proceed far enough from our native land to acquire what they call the legs of the sea.