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What is the meaning of legitimating in Hindi?

Meaning of legitimating in Hindi is :

Definition of word legitimating

  • Present participle of legitimate. (verb)

Examples of word legitimating

  • Of particular relevance to a discussion of Gilchrist’s interest in legitimating a "cosmopolitan" English and instituting Roman characters as the standard for his orthoepigraphical system is his dedicatory statement within the wildly barbed and eccentric The Orienti-Occidental Tuitionary Pioneer, in which he makes claims for the supreme distinctiveness of his universal mode.
  • Cooper’s conclusion not only erases the threat of miscegenation, but it reveals that Oliver is the rightful heir of Templeton, reinstating the importance of primogeniture in legitimating the new nation’s claim to the American landscape. close window
  • (I'd have written "legitimating" except that Lieberman no longer has that power.)
  • For another, she declared that "Hamas is not legitimate and Hamas control of the Gaza Strip is not legitimate" and called on the international community to avoid "legitimating" Hamas.
  • The Predator State, "the cult of the free market serves as a kind of legitimating myth
  • And please, no dinners legitimating repressive, fraudulent thugs.
  • To be sure, there still remains a problem of legitimating certain collective misfortunes, such as epidemics, or famines, or foreign conquests, and specific theodicies may be established for this purpose.
  • Insurgents often impose taxes on populations as a means of legitimating their rule in addition to the obvious purpose of raising funds.