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What is the meaning of legitimates in Hindi?

Meaning of legitimates in Hindi is :

Definition of word legitimates

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of legitimate. (verb)

Examples of word legitimates

  • By feeding these "legitimates" to the proverbial lions of discrimination, the PMs will show the rest of the country just how hollow their claims of "righteousness" are.
  • After that there was a revue of all the burlesques and comic operas, then the curtain was raised from the middle of the stage, and Nellie Farren was discovered seated at a table on a high stage with all the "legitimates" in frock-coats and walking dresses rising on benches around her.
  • The intensity of people who believe in that issue, doesn't translate into 'this is the thing that legitimates the administration spending its time on that issue'.
  • Donors frightened by the prospect of further violence may loosen their purse strings, governments in power are unable to exercise their full sovereignty, and at least some people are interested in change – giving these outside actors the kind of "buy-in" that legitimates their presence.
  • Here also the objective was the same, namely to reinforce the feeling of community through the creation of the image of the enemy that put the creation of the “new man” and of a “justice and free socialist society” in danger … And the “critic” [Azagaia], as is natural, criticizes with an attitude that all which is not well among us legitimates [him].
  • We cannot condone people who use violent rhetoric and the dehumanization of public servants to create an environment that both legitimates hatred and tempts unstable personalities to engage in violent acts.
  • "The problem here is that this policy of the U.S. still legitimates the position of Bashar al-Assad, and isn't commensurate with the position of the people demonstrating in the streets," said Ammar Abdulhamid, a Washington-based activist.