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What is the meaning of legal in Hindi?

Meaning of legal in Hindi is : शास्त्रानुकूल

Definition of word legal

  • Relating to the law or to lawyers, as in legal profession. (adjective)
    कानून या वकीलों से संबंधित, जैसा कि कानूनी पेशे में है।
  • Paper in sheets 8½ in × 14 in (215.9 mm × 355.6 mm). (noun)
    शीट 8½ इंच × 14 इंच (215.9 मिमी × 355.6 मिमी) में कागज।

Examples of word legal

    • They point out that in the legal sense put forth by the constitution there is no reason to think that a fetus is a *legal* person.
    • Besides, do these illegals really want guest worker programs, or just to get all the benefits of citizenship without going through the legal process like the *legal* immigrants?
    • The present Law Officers of the Crown were rather startled at the intention of departing from the precedent of George IV. 's reign, on seeing the legal opinions of their predecessors; they did not differ from the _legal_ doctrines laid down by them, but were not very well satisfied on the point of discretion and policy.
    • The term legal monopoly is avoided because the means used are often illegal or non-legal.
    • Instead, the version of the agreement that emerged contained the phrase "legal force"—a broader term that is seen as offering governments more leeway to identify how to curb emissions.
    • It is important to consider how interpretation, as characterised in subsection 2.2 above, fits into the discussion of the ambit of the term legal reasoning in the opening section of this entry.
    • Article 4, Section 2, (the third paragraph,) the term "legally" was struck out; and the words, "under the laws thereof," inserted after the word "State," in compliance with the wish of some who thought the term legal equivocal, and favoring the idea that SLAVERY was
    • Other countries want to include the phrase "legal outcome," language rejected by EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard as too vague.