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What is the meaning of leaving in Hindi?

Meaning of leaving in Hindi is : अवशिष्‍ट

Definition of word leaving

  • Present participle of leave. (verb)

Examples of word leaving

  • Construed correctly, this clause of the sentence would mean -- '_I, sorrowfully leaving all places gracious to the Maenalian god_:' but _that_ is not what Lord Wellesley designed: '_I leaving the woods of Cyllene, and the snowy summits of Pholoe, places that are all of them dear to Pan_' -- _that_ is what was meant: that is to say, not _leaving all places dear to Pan_, far from it; but _leaving a few places, every one of which is dear to Pan_.
  • Incredibly Richmond then managed to keep Melbourne goalless in the second term - the first time it had done that to any team in just over a year - as the Demons kicked only six behinds for the term leaving the Tigers just a goal adrift at half-time.
  • Chong Wei has no peers in the tournament, which starts in Johor Baru today, and he should cruise to the title leaving the back-up players fighting for the right to meet him in the final.
  • Marco Van Vasten took an early lead but Arsenal fans soon started sending some votes for Denis Bergkamp but in the end, when more Dutch fans started voting, Johann Cruijff came from third place to sweep the title leaving Van Basten in second place.
  • Maludrottu's successor Ballone blazed his way to the title leaving a trail of destruction in his wake and the hard punching continental has vowed to extend a five bout knockout streak by crushing Napa's ambition under a torrent of leather.