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What is the meaning of leathered in Hindi?

Meaning of leathered in Hindi is :

Definition of word leathered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of leather. (verb)

Examples of word leathered

  • With interstatial lung disease, Janine said, the lungs become "leathered" and less able to absorb oxygen.
  • The Father Blake, of whom Andy spoke, was more familiarly known by the name of Father Phil, by which title Andy himself would have named him, had he been telling how Father Phil cleared a fair, or equally "leathered" both the belligerent parties in a faction-fight, or turned out the contents (or malcontents) of a public-house at an improper hour; but when he spoke of his Reverence respecting ghostly matters, the importance of the subject begot higher consideration for the man, and the familiar
  • It helps prevent that leathered look that epitomizes the "outdoor lifestyle," lived without protection, Nern says.
  • As she leaned forward and measured his face, she realized that he wasn't as old as she had originally thought, despite skin leathered from a life open to the elements.
  • Davis, a writer, had been living in the Arizona desert for several years and had grown to hate leathered skin, Armani slip dresses and turquoise.
  • The people had faces I understand — Anglo women protecting their faces with hats, black women with floppier hats, Hispanic children dancing in the grocery store aisles, Indian men with down turned lips, sun-leathered faces everywhere.
  • She married the farmer and couldn't look at his leathered face, his rotting teeth, his coal-colored eyes.
  • Their skin was brown and leathered with age, and two pointed ears poked through the messy brown hair on each of their heads.
  • The men were lanky and fit, with faces leathered through outdoor toil.