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What is the meaning of leather in Hindi?

Meaning of leather in Hindi is : सख्त

Definition of word leather

  • A tough material produced from the skin of animals, by tanning or similar process, used e.g. for clothing. (noun)
  • A piece of the above used for polishing. (noun)
  • A cricket ball or football. (noun)
  • clothing made from the skin of animals, often worn by motorcycle riders. (noun)
  • A good defensive play (noun)
  • Made of leather. (adjective)
  • Referring to one who wears leather clothing (motorcycle jacket, chaps over 501 jeans, boots), especially as a sign of sadomasochistic homosexuality. (adjective)
  • To cover with leather. (verb)
  • To strike forcefully. (verb)

Examples of word leather

  • But there's a much better sort of leather than that for Bible binding; I mean _shoe leather_.
  • I hoof it over to the platform as the second contestant, a black Elvis dressed all in leather, is singing “All Shook Up”.
  • Blue with blue, and brown with brown, but the leather is all brown – no blue leather here.
  • Plus, today, the balls are harder, they're wound tighter, and I'm sure the leather is a little thinner.
  • Also, I think I've seen their president in "leather" shoes stepping out of a vehicle with "leather" interior.


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