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What is the meaning of leather in Hindi?

Meaning of leather in Hindi is : सख्त

Definition of word leather

  • A tough material produced from the skin of animals, by tanning or similar process, used e.g. for clothing. (noun)
  • Made of leather. (adjective)
  • To cover with leather. (verb)

Examples of word leather

  • But there's a much better sort of leather than that for Bible binding; I mean _shoe leather_.
  • I hoof it over to the platform as the second contestant, a black Elvis dressed all in leather, is singing “All Shook Up”.
  • Blue with blue, and brown with brown, but the leather is all brown – no blue leather here.
  • Plus, today, the balls are harder, they're wound tighter, and I'm sure the leather is a little thinner.
  • Also, I think I've seen their president in "leather" shoes stepping out of a vehicle with "leather" interior.
  • I don't think sexy Kate in leather is gonna make it past THOSE OLD BOYS!) and carrying the words BAD or DEVIL in the title is unworthy of consumption.
  • With her long blonde hair, micro-dresses that may incite the prurient to hope for an occasional fleeting glimpse of her underwear and photographs on her book jackets of her in leather dresses, arms akimbo, like a stern but voluptuous school mistress, she is not, as Mr. Moore wrote, “faux glam.”
  • People had to eat stuff that they would never eat in normal life, like making soups of leather boots (because leather is of animal origin) or boiling the wallpaper because the glue with which they were attached to walls contained a bit of organic stuff.
  • Would that be in leather, Sheila or perhaps the prefered Whore-House Red?