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What is the meaning of leafy in Hindi?

Meaning of leafy in Hindi is : पर्णिल

Definition of word leafy

  • covered with leaves (adjective)
  • containing much foliage (adjective)
  • in the form of leaves (of some material) (adjective)
  • resembling a leaf (adjective)

Examples of word leafy

  • Both cities have beautiful colonial plazas but the cities themselves are spread widely over rolling hills not inviting to residents prone to strolling in leafy neighborhoods within reasonable distance from those pompous plazas.
  • Those affected range from Western ranchers plagued by a weed called leafy spurge to Chicago homeowners whose stately maple trees have fallen prey to the Asian long-horned beetle.
  • But if such is not the case, "ambrezades" must be planted -- that is, a leafy plant, growing to the height of eight or nine feet, the leaves of which, continually falling, decay and fertilize the soil.
  • It's often referred to as a leafy suburb, but the residents of Rosemary Park off Belfast's Malone Road were left shocked by the discovery of a cannabis farm in the plush neighbourhood on Thursday.
  • Leaf vegetables are also known as leafy greens, potherbs or just greens.


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