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What is the meaning of leader in Hindi?

Meaning of leader in Hindi is : सेनापति

Definition of word leader

  • Any person or thing that leads or conducts. (noun)

Examples of word leader

  • Indeed so regularly is the phrase "leader of the pack" mentioned when describing him, you half expect to hear a Harley‑Davidson engine raspily rev up and cue in The Shangri-Las.
  • Strick van Linschoten also said Isaf's definition of the word leader was "so broad as to be meaningless".
  • Even better, the title leader and rival to the Mexican, Pastor Maldonado failed to finish in today's race and earned no points.
  • The use of the word 'leader' is intended to convey the impression that the masterminds of the Taliban are being taking off the battlefield.
  • If your leader is the Grand Dragon rather than the President – maybe.
  • Apart from the clear failure to understand what the word 'leader' actually means, this is almost always only an excuse for inaction, which lets the financial sector off the hook while public services are slashed, the poor get poorer and the world heats up.
  • As implied by the bands of light red and light blue ( "confidence intervals") drawn around each line, these trend lines can be used to generate probabilities that the leader is actually ahead at any point of the line, including Election Day.
  • Hey, lets fight terrorism but tell the world our leader is a liar. mjm
  • Respecting a leader is important, trusting a leader is another, having the confidence that leader can work for all sides and compromise the issues so one side doesn't feel over run in the process is where that leader can make or break a city ..