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What is the meaning of layoff in Hindi?

Meaning of layoff in Hindi is :

Definition of word layoff

  • A dismissal of employees from their jobs because of tightened budgetary constraints or work shortage (not due to poor performance or misconduct). (noun)
  • A period of time when someone is unavailable for work. (noun)
  • A short pass that has been rolled in front of another player for them to kick. (noun)

Examples of word layoff

  • TPers might want to note that a decrease in revenue because of a change in government policy which then lead to layoff is not the same as the outright firing of an employee.
  • Laughing, The funding from the layoff is nothing compared to what CxP need to do anything.
  • It also said "state law already gives schools districts flexibility in layoff procedures to best meet the needs of students" and "the settlement does nothing to solve ongoing staffing problems at hard-to-staff schools."
  • Its deadpan rhythms and knowing vignettes (you never want to be called into the boss's office to be told you're doing a fantastic job because it's sure to mean a layoff is imminent) remind me of a favorite novel of the 1970s, Renata Adler's Speedboat.
  • A mass layoff is defined as any firing involving at least 50 people.


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