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What is the meaning of laying in Hindi?

Meaning of laying in Hindi is : रंग का अस्तर
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Definition of word laying

  • Present participle of lay. (verb)

Examples of word laying

  • One of the examples I like to share with people in order to make the connection between that which we're doing in Iraq today and laying -- what I call laying the foundation of peace, is my relationship with Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan.
  • Because it's morning time, because it's early and the humidity has gone up, and the temperatures have gone down, the fire is doing what they call laying down a little bit.
  • Too many doctors do what we call laying crepe, laying crepe around the coffin to protect themselves so the family won't be disappointed when they lose.
  • The message was a key move in laying the groundwork for the president's trip to Ghana, where he will head later in the day.
  • I reject the view that says our problems will simply take care of themselves, that says government has no role in laying the foundation for our common prosperity.

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