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What is the meaning of lawful in Hindi?

Meaning of lawful in Hindi is : शास्त्रानुसार

Definition of word lawful

  • Conforming to, or recognised by law or rules. (adjective)
    कानून या नियमों के अनुरूप या मान्यता प्राप्त।

Examples of word lawful

  • It only prohibits *lawful* use, and if the use of weapons for self-defense were prohibited by any law, they would not be a lawful use, and thus not prohibited by this law.
  • All _lawful_ commands would involve a question -- what are lawful commands?
  • While the term lawful access sounds innocuous, the program, which dates back to 2002, represents law enforcement's desire to re-make Canada's networks to allow for lawful interception of private communications.
  • Yet they affected to consider themselves in lawful war against Spain, for the reason that the Spaniards had debarred them from the privileges of hunting in the forests and fishing in the waters of St. Domingo -- thus depriving them of the exercise of what they called their lawful rights.
  • Shooting an Indian from an and-bush is acting up to his own principles, and now we have what you call a lawful war on our hands, the sooner you wipe that disgrace off your conscience, the sounder will be your sleep; if it only come from knowing there is one inimy the less prowling in the woods.
  • Besigye said he will return to Uganda next week and that he will participate in what he called "lawful, peaceful" protests, though his presence in previous marches has spurred violence.
  • In the fall of 2005, LaRouche put out a sharp warning on the threat of hyperinflationary collapse, which he identified as the lawful outcome of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's policy of flooding the world with money. webcast of July 25, 2007, LaRouche declared that the international financial system had reached the breaking point.
  • They were careful to note that their appeal is in lawful alignment with the Chinese Constitution as well as the PRC's Law on Regional National Autonomy.
  • The reason I need to know the legal basis of this general right not to be put on a government list for engaging in lawful activity is because I want to stop the government pestering me about registering that car I bought.