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What is the meaning of lather in Hindi?

Meaning of lather in Hindi is : साबुन का फेन लगाना

Definition of word lather

  • The foam made by rapidly stirring soap and water. (noun)
  • To cover with lather. (verb)

Examples of word lather

    • She was in lather-sweat of fear, and stood trembling pitiably.
    • Since my guess is that you are in lather about this because you view ECB's article as an attack! on!
    • The lather is dense, holds up and my skin felt baby soft when I was all toweled off.
    • "Your lather is getting cold," Billy Louise said evenly.
    • Pierre L – getting myself into a lather is A Good Thing, but something might have been lost in translation there
    • As the latter process of removing the lather is the one universally adopted, the operation of washing with soap and hard water is analogous to that used by the dyer and calico printer for fixing pigments in calico, woolen, or silk tissues.
    • I was wrong, I still massaged it into rich lather, which is suspicious.
    • My lather was a merchant* who, from the nature of his employment, was obliged to make repeated voyages: andj as he had neither leifure nor inclination to un«» dertake my education himfclf, he held it beft PEREGRINUS PROTEUS.
    • NOt to mention that calling it tasteless and offensive doesn't seem to qualify as being in a "lather" ...