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What is the meaning of late-night in Hindi?

Meaning of late-night in Hindi is :

Definition of word late night

    Examples of word late night

    • November when a mysterious late night car crash led to the tawdry tales of multiple extra-marital liasons.
    • And, fresh from his infamous late night encounter with the Tampa Police Department, Dwight Gooden tested positive for cocaine in April and later checked into rehab for nearly a month.
    • That makes him late for school so Jane writes him out a late note and anyway we're about to finish coffee and he leans over and he says, "Madam Secretary, mum signed me a late night - a late note because I'll be a bit late for school but no-one's going to believe me, would you counter-sign it."
    • A second face-off raced through his imagination, but this time with a different outcome: a ravaged Len carted off to the cougar’s tree for a late night snack.

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