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What is the meaning of late in Hindi?

Meaning of late in Hindi is : हाल में

Definition of word late

  • Manner; behaviour; outward appearance or aspect. (noun)
    तौर - तरीका; व्यवहार; बाहरी रूप या पहलू।
  • Near the end of a period of time. (adjective)
    समय की अवधि के अंत के करीब।
  • After a deadline has passed, past a designated time. (adverb)
    एक समय सीमा बीत जाने के बाद, एक निर्दिष्ट समय से आगे।

Examples of word late

  • They looked everywhere for his late (yes, his _late_) companion; but she had vanished.
  • Hobler replied that the loss of the title was not by the late Lord Mayor but by the _late_ Prince of Wales.
  • Some people are too late for everything but ruin; when a nobleman apologized to George III. for being late, and said, "better late than never," the king replied, "No, I say, _better never than late_."
  • Porges had arrived a term late in our class, so had ground to make up socially.
  • That it can't accept financial penalties for coming in late is a bow nuke power's long history of hugely expensive delays.
  • "I hate the phrase late bloomers ," our gawky heroine laments.
  • I should have seen what was coming after that time she got in late from the library.
  • It was possible, wasnt it, that a typesetters mind might wander for a moment, the word late be inserted by error?