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What is the meaning of last in Hindi?

Meaning of last in Hindi is : सहन करना

Definition of word last

  • a tool for shaping or preserving the shape of shoes (noun)
    जूते के आकार को आकार देने या संरक्षित करने के लिए एक उपकरण
  • Final, ultimate, coming after all others of its kind. (adjective)
    अंतिम, अंतिम, अपनी तरह के अन्य सभी के बाद आ रहा है।
  • The (one) immediately before the present. (determiner)
    (एक) वर्तमान से ठीक पहले।
  • most recently (adverb)
    अभी हाल में ही

Examples of word last

  • TWO major thoroughfares because the highway twists like vines as lanes spin up or down around each other - and the roads bend and warp until at last - at *last* - the road bears its own name on a sign.
  • Your mind begins to spin, as the last of your brain's oxygen is used up, conjuring whatever images it can come up with… your past, the future you're never going to see, your dreams, your nightmares… until finally, at long last…
  • In dates of the last and present century, the expression of the _last two figures_ is sufficient.
  • But then it is _all_ they can do -- it is the last card and the _last_ man, and if we make one stupendous effort, we must inevitably crush it.
  • And then, when the hour _has_ come at last, have you been able to take your departure without some half-reproachful feeling akin to melancholy -- without some slight shade of regret to think that much as you have hated it, you look upon it all now for the _last_ time?
  • Evelyn at a concert, for which I had tickets, but I was too tired to go; this morning we went to hear Dr.P. Brooks, the great preacher who everyone was raving about last spring in London, (or was it _last_ year?) his church is like a great _temple_, or public hall, and cost [pound symbol] 180,000.
  • I found a feeling of sincere companionship ... a companionship that without ostentation and as a matter of course, shared the last cent the last meal ... when every cent _was_ the last cent, every meal the _last_ meal ... the rest depending on luck and
  • ” Seward pleaded for delay, fearing that on account of the depression of the public mind the proclamation might “be viewed as the last measure of an exhausted government, a cry for help, the government stretching forth its hands to Ethiopia” in a “last shriek on the retreat.
  • The love of it clung to him to the last moments of his life; but tho he felt that “last infirmity of noble minds, ” never did there breathe a human being who had a more lofty disdain for the shallow and treacherous popularity which is to be courted by subserviency, and purchased at the expense of principle and duty.