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What is the meaning of lapped in Hindi?

Meaning of lapped in Hindi is : लपेटना

Definition of word lapped

  • Past tense of to lap. (verb)
  • Being one or more laps behind in a race. (adjective)

Examples of word lapped

    • And saves a city by a word lapped 'neath a pigeon's wing!
    • The clink of gold coins lapped on the kitchen table.
    • Dead Snow (tagline: "Ein, Zwei, Die") is currently the second most popular movie at the Norwegian box office - ironically behind a very serious second world war movie called lapped up all that gore in the snow.
    • The Press Complaints Commission enjoyed mainstream coverage this week, as newspaper titles lapped up the comments of the body's chair, Lady Peta Buscombe, at the Society of Editors 'conference: she not only called for greater press support, but cited evidence allegedly showing that 6,000 attempted phone hackings were' wrongly quoted 'by solicitor Mark Lewis in the House of Commons.
    • "A lot of schools 'lapped' us," says Lise Goddard, Midland's Director of Environmental Programs.


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