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What is the meaning of land in Hindi?

Meaning of land in Hindi is : स्थल

Definition of word land

  • A surname. (proper noun)
    एक उपनाम।

Examples of word land

  • The restitution process was not just about restoring land rights, but also about healing wounds, promoting national reconciliation, and restoring the pride and dignity of people, Land
  • Ninety six rural communities in Mpumalanga were increasingly using their land reform grants to establish profit-driven commercial farming ventures run and managed by professionals, Land
  • The government would be justified in expropriating farms for land reform projects in "desperate and compelling" cases, Land
  • Socio-economic development in rural parts of South Africa was crucial and the use of land to achieve that goal was critical, Land
  • With regard to Encouragements in Money and in land, for Soldiers to inlist during the War, I have ever been in favour of it as the best Oeconomy and the best policy: and I have no doubt, that rewards in Land, will be given after the War is over.
  • Land, it is true, like Epic Poems and even higher things, in such a trading world, has to be presented in the market for what it will bring, and as we say be 'sold:' but the notion of 'selling,' for certain bits of metal, the _Iliad_ of Homer, how much more the _Land_ of the World-Creator, is a ridiculous impossibility!
  • Staten land seen from the Deck bearing North-East; the Sugar Loaf on Terra Del Fuego North-North-East, and is the same Hill as is seen from the North-East side of the Land; it appears to stand but
  • Ruth Hall, a land analyst at the University of the Western Cape's Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (Plaas), said the budget showed that there was no indication of a new direction for land reform.
  • "Employers are looking for places where large land tracts could be available and where proper infrastructure is available," Land said.