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What is the meaning of lad in Hindi?

Meaning of lad in Hindi is : लड़का

Definition of word lad

  • A boy or young man. (noun)
    लड़का हो या जवान।

Examples of word lad

  • If the lad is anything like his father, he'll grow to a man you can be proud of.
  • However my lad is a currently serving bobby who joined just after I left and just talking to him always reflects the attitudes in the comments on this blog.
  • That lad is trying quite hard to be one of the boys.
  • I hope the lad is steered in the right direction, take him down the Army recruitment office, there is a family there like he has never seen. on April 28, 2009 at 7: 42 pm AnneDroid
  • I hope the poor lad is ready for all of that love.
  • But the best place you should look for stuff for the lad is Cabellas. com/archery.
  • Special Brew (what our pictured lad is drinking) is to UK alcoholics what Thunderbird/Mad Dog is to US drinkers.
  • "I live with someone who uses the word lad without a hint of irony or shame," says Tony Rowlinson.