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What is the meaning of lack in Hindi?

Meaning of lack in Hindi is : हीनता

Definition of word lack

  • A defect or failing; moral or spiritual degeneracy. (noun)
    एक दोष या असफल; नैतिक या आध्यात्मिक पतन।
  • To be without, to need, to require. (verb)
    बिना होना, आवश्यकता होना, आवश्यकता होना।

Examples of word lack

    • Lack of confidence During a debate in the British Parliament Thursday, Finance Minister George Osborne blamed the stock market drops on what he called a lack of confidence in ability of governments to repay their debts.
    • But in a brief telephone call from Athens after talks with Greek officials, Mr. Dallara expressed concern over what he called the "lack of clear process" to complete negotiations.
    • Tim Pawlenty, who has lagged behind in national public-opinion polls, came out swinging: He jabbed front-runner Mitt Romney, mocking his wealth, and he criticized surging fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann for what he called her lack of experience and successes.
    • More photos and interactive graphics Escalating tensions, the Gulf Arab countries brokering negotiations between the Yemeni strongman and the wide-ranging political opposition calling for an end to his 32-year rule suspended their efforts because of what they called the "lack of appropriate conditions" for a peaceful handover of power.
    • He also took to task Republicans, the Tea Party and what he called the lack of shared sacrifice in both the economy and the just-passed debt ceiling bill.
    • In his remarks, President Obama referred again to what he called a lack of political will in Washington and an "insistence on drawing lines in the sand" that he said needs to be changed as the deficit and debt debate moves forward.