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What is the meaning of kingfisher in Hindi?

Meaning of kingfisher in Hindi is : रामचिरैया

Definition of word kingfisher

  • Any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines, having a large head, short tail and brilliant colouration; they feed mostly on fish. (noun)

Examples of word kingfisher

  • But he was not to enjoy himself long, for the duck was telling all her neighbours about the ill-usage her little one had received; and the mischief-making little wagtail thought as he had seen the lanky bird eating what he called the kingfisher's fishes, he would go and tell, and then sit on the bank and see the quarrel there would be; for he considered that the heron had no more business to take the fish out of the pond than the toad had to catch flies.
  • Some think, as the original name racham denotes "tenderness," "affection," the halcyon or kingfisher is intended [Calmet].
  • The great blue kingfisher, which is common here, is so tame, as scarcely to move, as the boat passes, and we frequently saw, and passed close to large alligators, which generally appeared to be asleep, stretched on the half-floating logs.
  • I began to wonder how the rattle of a kingfisher, which is one of the commonest sounds on wilderness waters, could scare a bear, who knows all the sounds of the wilderness perfectly.
  • Koskomenos the kingfisher is a kind of outcast among the birds.


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