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What is the meaning of keyframe in Hindi?

Meaning of keyframe in Hindi is :

Definition of word keyframe

  • A single frame in an animation sequence drawn by an artist, between which others are tweened (noun)
    एक कलाकार द्वारा खींचे गए एनीमेशन अनुक्रम में एक एकल फ्रेम, जिसके बीच अन्य लोगों को ट्वीड किया जाता है
  • To animate by interpolation between successive keyframes. (verb)
    लगातार कीफ़्रेम के बीच प्रक्षेप द्वारा चेतन करना।

Examples of word keyframe

    • The diamond icons -- the universal symbol for "keyframe" -- actually just allow you to change the opacity/volume of the individual clips by clicking and dragging, which I personally found confusing but by which more novice users may be less perplexed.
    • Modern video streams save bandwidth by only sending frame-to-frame changes, and transmitting a full picture — known as a keyframe — only occasionally.
    • A keyframe is a complete frame and the ones following and proceeding are just partial frames.
    • - ffmpeg: gov is stored together with every keyframe, which is not allowed in. mp4. as afaik thats handled fine already in mpeg4ip i assume handbrake uses atm an older version of mpeg4ip or there is another bug somewhere
    • The last step was to export every earthquake as a keyframe PNG image.
    • Although it seems like stop motion, most of it was stop motion created within After effects, using keyframe animation.
    • I don't think anyone is looking to replace actors with this technology; I think this demo is simply the most effective way to demonstrate to ANIMATORS/ANIMATION DIRECTORS who may want to implement this product into their pipeline that the results here are amazingly accurate compared to other mocap solutions or having some poor animator torture himself trying to keyframe/mix keyframe mocap something close to that quality.
    • The butterflies were both modelled and animated in Milkshape, and then the keyframe animation was played back and they fly in random directions.
    • I really hope they go over the traditional keyframe animation as much as they do the performance capture techniques.