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What is the meaning of kettle in Hindi?

Meaning of kettle in Hindi is : देगची

Definition of word kettle

  • A vessel for boiling a liquid or cooking food, usually metal and equipped with a lid. (noun)
    तरल या खाना पकाने के लिए एक बर्तन, आमतौर पर धातु और ढक्कन से सुसज्जित।
  • To contain demonstrators in a confined area. (verb)
    एक सीमित क्षेत्र में प्रदर्शनकारियों को रोकने के लिए।

Examples of word kettle

    • Keep on walking if the coin kettle is not attached to a tripod, as it's likely been stolen.
    • That battered copper kettle is nowhere near that old.
    • And until recently we were using a kettle from the same period.
    • The old put rats in kettle, tie the kettle to the torturee's stomach and start a fire under the kettle until the rats eat through the victims stomach has always been my favorite.
    • There are not two copper tarsks in the coin kettle!
    • In the bizarre world of British public service culture, a kettle is dangerous but severe under-manning on the streets is not.
    • The kettle is actually a religious icon from a fairly rare Celtic faith, which of course is sacred to me and some of the converts in my team.
    • The kettle is plugged in and soon the soothing sound of boiling water -- the splash as the water hits tea bag -- steam rises, flavour is released -- as soon the tension will be.
    • Really, Hillary supporters should quit calling the kettle black.