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What is the meaning of kami in Hindi?

Meaning of kami in Hindi is :

Definition of word kami

  • An animistic God or spirit in the Shinto religion of Japan. (noun)
  • A basic origami paper, usually printed with a colour or pattern on one side. (noun)

Examples of word kami

  • kami menantikanye dr camera imal..uhuhu psl hal buka puasa aritu,jgn amik hati sgt la..kami x rasa pe2 pun..asalkan kami enjoy buka sesama dhla..
  • Philosophical Magazine, published in T [= o] ki [= o], a Japanese writer, Mr. Kenjir [= o] Hiradé, states also that the term kami does not necessarily denote a spiritual being, but is only a relative term meaning above or high, but this respect toward something high or above has created many imaginary deities as well as those having a human history.
  • Belief in the kami is a folk tradition in Japan, repudiated or at best grudgingly tolerated by the major religions but still retaining a hold on the popular imagination.
  • But the best are the tiny shrines, the little places that are used and loved by local people, who believe in kami, little mythical spirit beings, who live in the world with us and think and feel much as we do.
  • Tapos pumunta kami salibrary. .ilang oras rin kami dun ...


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