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What is the meaning of justice in Hindi?

Meaning of justice in Hindi is : न्यायाध्यक्ष

Definition of word justice

  • The state or characteristic of being just or fair. (noun)

Examples of word justice

  • Callicles 'contempt for justice as normally understood turns out to involve four main ingredients: a critique of conventional justice, an account of ˜justice according to nature™, a theory of the virtues, and a hedonistic conception of the good.
  • 'Clapp, you can go,' said the Captain; and Mr. Numbers Clapp lost no time in conveying himself from the dangerous vicinity of justice; though such _justice_ as we here record, was not very dangerous to _him_.
  • To particular justice belongs _justice of exchange, _ which he describes as "the habit of observing equality in commutations."
  • It was not Tom’s practice to “tell, ” but here justice clearly demanded that Maggie should be visited with the utmost punishment; not that Tom had learned to put his views in that abstract form; he never mentioned “justice, ” and had no idea that his desire to punish might be called by that fine name.
  • And this is also to be gathered out of the ordinary definition of justice in the schools; for they say that ‘justice is the constant will of giving to every man his own.
  • Again, my heart pleaded for justice and mercy; for _justice_ to all; and for _mercy_ to the needy and helpless.
  • Another pause followed -- a longer one -- when he said in a tone quite low, "_General St. Clair shall have justice; I looked hastily through the dispatches, saw the whole disaster but not all the particulars; I will receive him without displeasure; I will hear him without prejudice; he shall have full justice_."
  • That sense of justice which guides every party in our just Austrian land, does not entirely exclude her either; at the same time, this _very same sense of justice_ must render all her remonstrances unavailing.
  • a distinct proposal now that the thief and the justice shall change places on the spot -- with the inquiry as to which is _the justice_, and which is the _thief_, openly started -- one would almost fancy that the subject had been exhausted here, or would be, if these indications should be followed up.
  • Union, establish justice, "-- yes, Sir, _establish justice_ --" to promote the general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. "