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What is the meaning of jujube in Hindi?

Meaning of jujube in Hindi is : बेर

Definition of word jujube

  • The sweet and edible drupes (fruits) of several Mediterranean and African species of small trees. (noun)
  • a fruit-bearing tree, Ziziphus zizyphus (noun)
  • The fruit of this tree, also known as Chinese date and fructus jujubae (noun)
  • A type of candy; specific type varies by country. (noun)

Examples of word jujube

  • The jujube is a fruit -- but a most remarkable one.
  • Do not confuse this with the Chinese jujube which is hardy even into the Ohio valley in the USA but will not do well in warm climates like southern Florida.
  • "But I thought the jujube was a fruit, like an apple.
  • Those red jujube like things in that one dish are probably goji berries.
  • The Corsican steadied herself with her broom, bent down and picked up a jujube.


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