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What is the meaning of jubilant in Hindi?

Meaning of jubilant in Hindi is : हर्षित

Definition of word jubilant

  • In a state of elation. (adjective)

Examples of word jubilant

  • The atmosphere was jubilant from the moment we walked in to the very last moment in our private villa outside the entrance.
  • As Barry Bonds nears Babe Ruth's career total of 714 home runs, play-by-play announcers are facing an awkward first: how do you call a jubilant moment that many people believe is, on some level, a fraud?
  • Canterbury as they gathered in jubilant groups outside places of business and beside their front gates, talking excitedly together.
  • The poet, now in jubilant spirits, collected all the compositions of which his taste approved, and had them printed near him, so that correct proof-sheets might be sent to the publishers across the Ocean.
  • Labeling her Obama's "baby mama" and calling her jubilant fist jab a "terrorist fist jab," is only the beginning of the nastiness.


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