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What is the meaning of jube in Hindi?

Meaning of jube in Hindi is :

Definition of word jube

  • A type of gelatine-based confection; ingredients and consistency vary between countries. (noun)
  • Alternative spelling of jubé. (noun)
  • An open drainage channel of a type common in Tehran. (noun)

Examples of word jube

  • In France the rood-loft was called the jube, which seems to imply that it was used liturgically for the reading of lessons and the like.
  • I wanted the top of the cupcakes to look like a jube so I went a little big crazy with the coloured sugar crystals - they would of looked better if I didn't rush spreading on the swiss meringue buttercream.
  • Strawberry, lemon and orange cupcakes topped with strawberry, lemon and orange swiss meringue buttercream, then sprinkled with coloured sugar crystals and topped with a jube.
  • Impera quidvis; navigare jube, navem conscendo; plagas accipere, plector; animum profundere, in ignem currere, non recuso, lubens facio.
  • We had a red fruit 'popsicle': kind of frozen air on a stick; a blackcurrant jelly like the best jube you've ever tasted and a salt & vinegar chocolate stick.


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