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What is the meaning of jovial in Hindi?

Meaning of jovial in Hindi is : हंसमुख

Definition of word jovial

  • Pertaining to Jove or Zeus; Jovian. (adjective)
    जोव या ज़ीउस से संबंधित; जोवियन।

Examples of word jovial

  • He was described as "jovial" and "down to earth," a good communicator with a sense of humor.
  • When I go to a doctor or other medical professional, I'm not interested in "jovial and informal" because it is NOT A SOCIAL CALL.
  • But who shall do justice to the dinner, and describe the turkey, and chickens, and chicken pies, with all that endless variety of vegetables which the American soil and climate have contributed to the table, and which, without regard to the French doctrine of courses, were all piled together in jovial abundance upon the smoking board?
  • Bobby Jindal has enough problems in his state to keep him busy for awhile and Mike Huckabee seems to be known as a jovial and cheerful talk show host more than a serious presidential candidate at the moment.
  • During the break a jovial Simpson talked outside the courtroom about golf and college football.
  • It is eminently in accordance with the signification of the English epithet -- rather a favorite, apparently, with our old writers -- the epithet jovial, which is derived from the Latin name of its head.
  • Late hours, heavy dinners, the indulgence of what are called jovial hours, and crowded parties, would soon have sent us whither they have sent so many of our literary contemporaries, long, long ago.
  • For several years Free Joe had what may be called a jovial time.