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What is the meaning of jibe in Hindi?

Meaning of jibe in Hindi is : हँसी उड़ाना

Definition of word jibe

  • A facetious or insulting remark, a jeer or taunt. (noun)
  • To perform a jibe (verb)

Examples of word jibe

    • Aaaand, just like the "omg, 90% of the Chrysler dealerships closed were owned by Republicans" garbage, this fun little math jibe is total crap.
    • Cue the wingnuts to claim that this mild political jibe is hate speech.
    • And while your whole jibe is aimed at business and rocking out your career life, what if your question of “What am I afraid of?” was applied to relationships?
    • I do not believe in unilateral disarmament, but I do believe the truth-telling jibe is always mightier than the partisan grunt.
    • The standard reply to the Work at Tescos” jibe is “Well if you were a manager at Tescos you would have bankrupted them years ago” on January 1, 2010 at 3: 17 pm Sherriff Roscoe.
    • The title is in honour of Australia’s first female deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, jibe from the enlightened Mr Heffernan – stating she was unfit for leadership because she was” deliberately barren”.
    • These terms jibe nicely with Mr. Putin's own rhetoric of threats and fear.
    • Cameron's office defended the prime minister, saying the jibe was a humorous remark referencing an insurance advertisement.
    • He is good with a political attack or jibe, which is appealing to voters trying to find the magic trick to beating an incumbent.