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What is the meaning of jargon in Hindi?

Meaning of jargon in Hindi is : शब्दावली

Definition of word jargon

  • A technical terminology unique to a particular subject. (noun)
  • Language characteristic of a particular group. (noun)
  • Speech or language that is incomprehensible or unintelligible; gibberish. (noun)
  • A variety of zircon (noun)

Examples of word jargon

  • While the jargon is all retro health and safety-education material, the culty fetishism is more J.G. Ballard than CPR.
  • Science journalist Dallas Murphy's book explains the intricate link between the global ocean and the atmosphere in jargon-free prose that is easy for readers to understand.
  • The deficits, the multipliers, all of the jargon is cover for their fear of being proven irrevocably wrong.
  • They may wrap their writing in jargon and statistical mumbo jumbo, but the ideas themselves are not that hard to grasp (comparative advantage not withstanding!).
  • For their part, parents say they don't like when teachers spend conferences speaking in jargon, or trying to prove they're good at their jobs.


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