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What is the meaning of jaguar in Hindi?

Meaning of jaguar in Hindi is : तेंदुआ

Definition of word jaguar

  • A carnivorous spotted large cat native to South and Central America. Scientific name: Panthera onca. (noun)

Examples of word jaguar

  • Yes | No | Report from Marine1 wrote 12 weeks 4 days ago martin jaguar double cam gold tip shafts with muzzy three blade 100s 50-75 lbs limbsaver 4 inch stabilizer and limb dampeners cabelas double clamp release with tracker sights
  • I love these videos, because the jaguar is simultaneously acting very much like a cat (playing around) and very much not like a cat (playing in the water).
  • I think it's the end-stress that lends some words to becoming one syllable - like the word jaguar goes from 'JAG-u-er' to
  • Now thoroughly assimilated into English, the word jaguar’ is borrowed from Tupi or Lngua Geral, a language once spoken by millions all over Portuguese Brazil and now probably destined to disappear, since no more than a few hundred speakers remain.
  • When someone is searching for the word "jaguar," Google would have a better idea of whether the person was interested in the animal or the car."


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