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What is the meaning of jac in Hindi?

Meaning of jac in Hindi is :

Definition of word jac

Examples of word jac

  • I believe, though I have nothing to back this up, that governance would improve if more people voted, and more importantly if more people educated themselves about the candidates and the issues. — jac
  • Let's let this type of behavior be something we only think about in the past tense. jac from LI
  • Cinderella Ferret wrote on October 3, 2007 6: 00 PM: jac:
  • Long story short: Yay Team Blue. jac wrote on October 3, 2007 5: 50 PM:
  • | Reply | Permalink jac wrote on October 3, 2007 5: 54 PM: Heather Wilson will probably prefer to lose a Senate race, than to lose to Patricia Madrid.
  • He only won the nomination because his competitors were even bigger jac
  • It was touching, though, how candyass jac came rushing to mommy's defense.
  • August 16, 2008 at 4:18 pm even yer ccc dooties be teh poetical jac!
  • Anyway, I was pleased to find, on the day we moved in to our San Francisco home, that the street tree outside was a jac.
  • Didn't you teach jac that if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas?