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What is the meaning of issue in Hindi?

Meaning of issue in Hindi is : स्राव्

Definition of word issue

  • The act of passing or flowing out; a moving out from any enclosed place; egress; as, the issue of water from a pipe, of blood from a wound, of air from a bellows, of people from a house. (noun)
    बाहर निकलने या निकलने की क्रिया या भाव; किसी संलग्न स्थान से बाहर जाना; निकास; जैसे, पाइप से पानी की, घाव से खून की, धौंकनी से हवा की, घर के लोगों की।
  • To pass or flow out; to run out, as from any enclosed place. (verb)
    बाहर निकलना या बहना; किसी भी संलग्न जगह से बाहर निकलने के लिए।

Examples of word issue

    • I do not see how it's a racial issue: it's a *people issue*, one of the many many Stupid Human Tricks available to us all.
    • "The MUI must issue a fatwa * on the issue* if there is a request from an institution or individual.
    • And, of course, the main issue is that you have to know you are being deprived.
    • The main issue is whether the days of unchecked liberal government are over at least through 2012.
    • Cyprus apart, the main issue is Europe's own economic travail.
    • "The main issue is to ... come up with a credible program."
    • Until the public domain issue is officially settled, though, it's unlikely that any big budget approach gets past the "purely hypothetical" stage.
    • But the main issue is that, meals assembled from lists of dishes on menus, have by their nature, a logic.
    • My main issue is this - I've been working with stores for over 20 years who have supported LI (and NY) wines from the beginning.