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What is the meaning of isinglass in Hindi?

Meaning of isinglass in Hindi is :
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Definition of word isinglass

  • A transparent, almost pure gelatin prepared from the air bladder of the sturgeon and certain other fishes and used as an adhesive and a clarifying agent. (noun)
  • Mica in thin, transparent sheets. (noun)

Examples of word isinglass

  • More photos and interactive graphics Sturgeon-bladder powder, called isinglass, is what winemaker Larry Londer added to a few gallons of his 2008 pinot noir to try to fix it.
  • This is because many beers are classified with isinglass, which is a collagen made from the bladders of fish.
  • More taste trials follow in the lab with the blends, using different potential fining agents, such as isinglass (sturgeon bladder) or casein (milk protein) ā€“ for whites ā€“ to improve the palate.
  • Mica ā€” A group of minerals, including muscovite or "isinglass" and biotite or black mica.
  • I know I like saying the names of trees and plants when I identify them, and Iā€™m also excited to hear what obscure mechanical parts are called isinglass and petcock, for instance.

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