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What is the meaning of is in Hindi?

Meaning of is in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word is

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of be. (verb)

Examples of word is

  • We have remarked, that it is no mystery why the decision should have gone pretty uniformly in favour of the ancients; for here is the dilemma: -- A man, attempting this problem, _is_ or _is not_ a classical scholar.
  • This misses the point that, to a large extent, the west *is* much better at capitalism than the BRICs... the infrastructure we have by way of UK company law, or the big-4 accountants, or the magic circle law firms is simply much more developed, and offers better scrutiny and outcomes than anything else on offer; and we are rightly world leading in many of these areas.
  • We must hear the sound of a whistle blowing, � demanding that freedom is our right, that liberation is� our right.
  • Word on the street is that the New York Times (we won't name names, although we got 'em)  is looking to identify NGD.
  • As you say though, and this *is* where the Millite liberal principle comes in – the job of our Home Office speaker most definitely is to stand up for that principle and there is nothing in what Chris said that suggests he is in any way opposing the idea of prohibition, despite his previous statements about tabloid editors and government advisers.
  • • The PSCAI is intact and the ___________is very active in it.
  • One option, which is being used in some areas of the spill,  is to burn the oil before it reaches shore.
  • But hey, this is soap opera, just like the books by Charlaine Harris on which� "True Blood" �is based.