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What is the meaning of irl in Hindi?

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Definition of word irl

Examples of word irl

  • Yet with a Radio 4 series on language, a fresh run of the hit TV quiz QI, a new volume of memoirs out and some controversial comments last week about a culture of fear at the BBC creating "incredibly bland" programmes, the busy man's busy man is evidently also busy in what the blogosphere calls "irl" (in real life).
  • As those of us living in information-age societies become ever more comfortable expending our emotional energy in virtual communities where it's possible for just about anyone to achieve a semi-celebrity status, isn't it inevitable that "irl" communities will lose some of their vitality?
  • I met a friend for the first time "irl" that day, a Saturday, for brunch in Greenwich Village.
  • It's just that a lot of the time knowing things about people irl or having opinions about people influence how I see them in movies, and I don't think I can buy Shatner as a crotchety old man.
  • Debbie Stier, SVP, Editor at Large and Director of Digital Marketing for HarperCollins says, Find a comfortable way to engage and connect with your readers (ie not the megaphone), and then spend as much time as you possibly can doing that (online and irl).
  • THE HUDDLE: NFL not close to clearing QB to return to practice irl | Comment | Recommend
  • There's more distance than there is irl because you can't see their face.
  • I believe that Sarah Palin is irl trolling the elections.