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What is the meaning of invigilator in Hindi?

Meaning of invigilator in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word invigilator

  • A person who supervises students during an examination; a proctor (noun)
  • A person who supervises a gallery at a museum. (noun)

Examples of word invigilator

    • A complaint from an "exams invigilator" has caused Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Education for Leisure" to be removed from the U. K.'s GCSE curriculum.
    • Words are celebrated in vocabularic feats -- Page 117 alone delights a word-lover with "syzygy," "invigilator" and "fusee."
    • Then he mentions my 'syntax': well he could not possibly be at fault in that department - as an invigilator of others he must have meant the capital ‘G’.
    • Splattered all over the BBC last night, to the extent of using wardrobe key widge Prescott as motormouth invigilator.
    • Weirdly though, the next thing I thought of was sitting an exam - As soon as I'm sat down and the invigilator says 'go' I go into the zone and don't emerge for another two hours when the exam ends and I put my glasses back on and remember where I am...


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