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What is the meaning of introductory in Hindi?

Meaning of introductory in Hindi is : भूमिकात्मक

Definition of word introductory

  • introducing; giving a preview or idea of (adjective)

Examples of word introductory

  • - Susan Obrant of Cortlandt, another wearable-fiber artist, is bringing a selection that includes more of what she calls her introductory (affordable) choices.
  • (Many who answered the MMPI questionnaire were students in introductory psychology courses at four-year institutions.)
  • It was Nell who pioneered texts in introductory programming and data structures usable by both high school and undergraduate students.
  • You are probably right about the AP courses, but I think there is an inevitable conflict in introductory courses in many subjects.
  • The notion of the difference between economic and legal incidence of taxes is discussed in introductory economics classes, often right after the basic notions of supply and demand.


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