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What is the meaning of intrauterine in Hindi?

Meaning of intrauterine in Hindi is : अंत:गर्भाशयी

Definition of word intrauterine

  • Located or taking place inside the uterus. (adjective)

Examples of word intrauterine

  • We did a process called intrauterine insemination, so we gave her shots of a fertility drug called Follistim to help her ovulate more.
  • The technique is simple, PSI locates existing private sector health care providers and clinic owners, trains them in all aspects of health care, in exchange for access to highly subsidized drugs as well as regular trainings and visits from medical experts and promoters, who will keep them up to date with new health care interventions and services such as intrauterine devices for family planning.
  • A series of studies suggest that other complications of pregnancy, such as intrauterine growth restriction, preterm birth, and stillbirth, also have their origins, at least in part, in very early pregnancy.
  • The pro-life representatives make a distinction between the lives lost to direct abortion, and the "hardly determinable number of victims" of "diverse contraceptives capable of killing human beings in their first days of life," such as intrauterine devices (IUDs), the "morning after" pill, systemic use contraceptive pills, injectable or subdermal implants, and the chemical abortifacient drug misoprostol.
  • "We have been studying the brain in this way for nearly two years but are now also looking at specific problems such as intrauterine growth restriction which has a pretty high morbidity.
  • That would mean banning certain birth-control methods such as intrauterine devices, which allow fertilization but prevent embryo attachment to the uterine wall.
  • A growing percentage of U.S. women are using intrauterine devices, or IUDs, but the pill and female sterilization still lead the contraceptive pack, as they have for nearly a quarter of a century, government researchers reported Wednesday.
  • This is also why personhood would outlaw all contraceptives that interfere with the implantation of fertilized eggs -- including intrauterine devices IUDs, some forms of the birth control pill, and the "morning-after pill," which YesOn26 proponents call "human pesticide."