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What is the meaning of interweaving in Hindi?

Meaning of interweaving in Hindi is : अंतर्गुफन

Definition of word interweaving

  • Present participle of interweave. (verb)
  • The motion or position of things that interweave; an elaborate tangle. (noun)

Examples of word interweaving

    • What is the author’s purpose in interweaving Balthazar’s ruminations with the narrative of the novel?
    • It was the misfortune of Grenville that this "interweaving," as Pownall described it, should have been undertaken at a most inopportune time, when the very conditions which made Englishmen conscious of the burden of empire were giving to Americans a new and highly stimulating sense of power and independence.
    • With no room either for narrative or, especially, for the "interweaving" together of truth and falsehood in fiction, it throws the novel into relief.
    • This kind of interweaving structure can be showy, or simply confusing, in the wrong hands.
    • Rather than get bogged down in a debate over whether the relationship between ethnicity and religion only flows one way or both ways, we simply note the deep interweaving of ethnicity and religion over the course of American history and even longer.
    • The book traces the fatefully interweaving journeys of four Sacramento locals trying to grasp their own piece of the Dream, in the wake of a big action movie star sweeping into town and promising to shake things up and fix all that's broken.
    • Nice props to the Traffic nod, it definitely got lost in the horde of interweaving story movies that followed, but it was one of the first that did it flawlessly and I also included it in my list.
    • In previous movies such as "Traffic," director Steven Soderbergh has demonstrated a knack for telling a sprawling story by interweaving vignettes about people who may not know each other.
    • For the four-concert, three-day series that ended Sunday, the pair co-created a program based on their shared admiration for the relatively neglected masters of polyphonic music, devoting one concert each to a composer who wrote music based on interweaving melodies.