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What is the meaning of interspersed in Hindi?

Meaning of interspersed in Hindi is : अंतःप्रकीर्ण

Definition of word interspersed

  • Placed at intervals amongst other things. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of intersperse. (verb)

Examples of word interspersed

    • Cammy glimpsed her name interspersed in the note Bekka opened onto her desk.
    • Preston writes and speaks eloquently and emphatically — his responses to questions often best captured in interspersed italicizations.
    • Remind me never to attend again -- without bringing a missal, particularly for the 90 minutes of the readings in Latin, interspersed with the occasionally recognizable "Per omnia saecula saeculorums."
    • Mr. Satterthwaite floundered wildly in Italian interspersed with German -- the nearest he could get in the hurry of the moment to Spanish - He was desolated and ashamed, he explained haltingly.
    • Then followed many words in Italian, interspersed only here and there with an American proper name.


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