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What is the meaning of interspersed in Hindi?

Meaning of interspersed in Hindi is : N/A
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Definition of word interspersed

  • To distribute among other things at intervals: interspersed red and blue tiles on the walls; intersperse praise with constructive criticism. (verb-transitive)
  • To supply or diversify with things distributed at intervals: interspersed lamp fixtures on the large ceiling; a newspaper section that was interspersed with advertisements. (verb-transitive)

Examples of word interspersed

  • The drums are playing wildly while shrieks of joyous, wild delight intersperse the melodic lines that are ecstatically woven into the fabric of this Kalahari jazzfest.
  • Judge Wanger divided the case into smaller trials, which would allow him to intersperse those hearings with other ongoing cases.
  • I was a perpetual NPR listener in my previous life, and now I am more likely to intersperse silence and music on college radio.
  • Our art collection has some highly conceptual, cerebral pieces that are thought-provoking and intense, so I like to intersperse those works with gorgeous images that make me smile when I look at them.
  • I think what is most interesting about “Triptych” are the symbolic metaphors, doppelgangers and other worldly dimensions that intersperse throughout the cinematic reality we see.

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