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What is the meaning of intermitting in Hindi?

Meaning of intermitting in Hindi is :

Definition of word intermitting

  • Present participle of intermit. (verb)

Examples of word intermitting

  • Now, the laws of life are absolute, and if proper habits of study have not been formed by the age of nineteen, they never can be formed in this life; the girl who gives only an intermittent attention to study up to her twentieth year, is prevented by all the influences about her from "intermitting" the press of her social duties, so I will not deny that it was the happiest surprise of my life when the first four years of Vassar College showed me that there were still hundreds of girls willing to come to
  • "intermitting" work, and the after-editions are my own. ...
  • "Presenting a free energy electric motor that is a motor that produces much greater power than it uses to run it, because the armature has no magnetic coil windings where it is comprised only of iron and is motored by a timed sequence of intermitting electrical excitation of the stator magnetic coils."
  • A low, tremulous, intermitting sound, though it seems, in some respects, opposite to that just mentioned, is productive of the sublime.
  • That of body is nothing but a kind of benumbing laziness, intermitting exercise, which, if we may believe [1547] Fernelius, causeth crudities, obstructions, excremental humours, quencheth the natural heat, dulls the spirits, and makes them unapt to do any thing whatsoever.
  • They were affected with fevers, rigors, and deficient sweats, with varied and irregular paroxysms, in general not intermitting, but having exacerbations in the tertian form.
  • I intended to have been with you before this: but my lord has been a little indisposed with the gout, and Jackey has had an intermitting fever: but they are pretty well recovered, and it shall not be long before I see you, now I understand you are returned from your Kentish expedition.
  • When (pip!) a message interfering intermitting interskips from them (pet!) on herzian waves, (call her venicey names! call her a stell!) a butterfly from her zipclasped handbag, a wounded dove astarted from, escaping out her forecotes.
  • An intermitting fever, in the intervals of the paroxysms, would surely have allowed you to have written a few lines with your own hand, to tell me how you were; and till
  • We had not wasted words at any time, and on remounting, preserved as profound a silence as if we were on a forlorn hope, even the natives intermitting their ceaseless gabble.